Montreal- Old Meets New

I mentioned in the Vieux Montreal post that you suddenly leave the Old City and hit modern buildings. This happens a few times in City, aside from Vieux Montreal you see it near McGill and downtown as well. I can’t truly describe it and honestly the photos don’t do it justice (I took more photos […]

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Montreal–Architecture Tour

I’d be remiss if I didn’t say something about the unique Montreal architecture. It’s true much of the time the style of buildings made it feel like you were in Europe, but Montreal also has its unique architecture. Perhaps nothing is more striking than the Balconville—a style of balcony that features a steep spiral staircase […]

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Montreal- Botanic Gardens

Ok by now you’re probably tired of hearing about Montreal—and I promise there are only a couple more posts worth of material to get through. First up: The Montreal Botanical Gardens! Who knew that one of the largest botanical gardens in the world is in Montreal. Not I. We spent much of our last drizzly […]

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Montreal- Markets

Marches (markets) are everywhere in Montreal. Ok, maybe not everywhere, but compared to the States they’re all over the place. Most cities in the US have maybe one large market with fresh goods—sometimes open only once a week. We’re more likely to have a Farmer’s Market than on a Sunday than anything else. Montreal has […]

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