And Away We Go

Two months ago, even 2 days ago, anyone who asked me about whether I’d ever start a blog would have received the same answer, “never in a million years.” But, after 2 days with my camera strapped to my body and the realization that my graduation is closer than I ever thought possible, I’ve started to think it isn’t such a bad idea after all. I like to write. I like to take photographs. In the modern world, in a time in my life when I have no plan beyond May 7th, why not create a blog that allows me to utilize 2 of my strengths and show people the world through my eyes.

This being my first blog, I’ve never done anything like this before. I can’t promise it will be updated on a regular basis. I have no clear idea of what exactly  I think it will be other than an avenue to post my photographs and musings on the world.

I hope you enjoy.

And Away We Go.




2 thoughts on “And Away We Go

  1. You are a great writer!! Thank you for sharing! You are also a great photographer!! For someone who rarely leaves middle of nowhere Colorado it is like being transporter somewhere else. Thank you!!!!!


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