Salisbury and Old Sarum: Photos

Salisbury Cathedral is one of the only Cathedrals to have a uniform architectural style because it was built in a short 38 year window. The curves in the and arches in the buttresses are beautiful, creating incredible photographic angles are every turn.

Quaint bridge in Salisbury


Salisbury Cathedral


Door inside Salisbury Cathedral


Door at Salisbury Cathedral


Hallway along the courtyard at Salisbury Cathedral


Windows looking out to the courtyard at Salisbury Cathedral


Salisbury Cathedral courtyard


Salisbury Cathedral Courtyard


Downtown Salisbury


View on the way up to Old Sarum


Looking down from the "castle" to where the church and parts of the village of Old Sarum use to be


View from the top of Old Sarum


Ruined walls of Old Sarum


Looking down a well/tower at Old Sarum

One thought on “Salisbury and Old Sarum: Photos

  1. Lovely photos. You might be interested to know that the bridge is known to some as ‘Pudding Bridge’, after a previous bridge that was there long ago. The custom was for market traders to tip left-over unwanted foodstuffs into the River Avon at this point.


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