Washington, DC at a glimpse: Photos

On cloudy days when the fog rolls in the and the rain starts pouring down, most people usually decide it’s a good time to curl up on the couch in a warm blanket and read a book. That’s most people. For me, my mind starts cranking out photograph after photograph as I look out the window. It becomes the perfect time to grab my camera and go for a stroll.

Washington, DC is at its most beautiful in the spring and fall. The colors in the city pop out. The temperature settles around 55-65 degrees Fahrenheit, making it pleasant to walk around without the hindrance of DC’s stifling warm summers or frigid winters. The residents of the city come alive, having time to enjoy the city without the overflowing crowds of tourists.

I try to get out into the city once every spring and fall with my camera. Wandering around taking in the city and thinking.

This past spring on a particularly rainy day I took a lingering 6-mile walk of the city…


Room with a View: National Cathedral gardens


Fountain: National Cathedral


Signs of Spring: National Cathedral garden


Sign of the Cross: National Cathedral garden


Hidden path: National Cathedral garden


Blooming: National Cathedral


Checkers: Lafayette Park


A few days later I headed to Georgetown for a dinner. While waiting for the others to get there, I headed to the Potomac just as the sun was setting. I happened to have my camera with me.


Sunset on the Potomac: Georgetown


Lost debris: Georgetown


Across the River: View of Rosslyn from Georgetown






The little details: Georgetown


I finished off the role with some more signs of Spring over the next few days


View from the window: Northwest, DC


Signs of Spring: American University


Signs of Spring: American University

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