Writers’ Block

Writers’ block is a bitch. It’s a bitch for the novelist trying to find the right combination of words to keep their readers hooked. It’s a bitch for the college student struggling to finish a 12-page-paper at two in the morning. It’s a bitch for the 6-year-old trying to write a creative sentence. Writers’ block is a bitch.

I don’t know what kind of writers’ block is worse. The kind where you can’t think of anything to say or the kind where you can’t figure out how to say what you’re thinking.

In case you can’t tell I’m bitter about writers’ block. I’ve been suffering for weeks with so much to say and no idea how to say it. I could be contemplating world affairs, at work trying to write about politics, or just trying to articulate my emotions, but nothing is coming out the way I want it to.

There are days I can just sit down with a pen and some paper and start scribbling away. There are days I can open up a blank word document and easily write 5 pages. Then there are days where it just won’t come. Where emotions run high and my thoughts are spinning around in my head so quickly I can’t organize them fast enough to get them down on paper.

I thrive on writing. It’s my form of expression.  It’s my way to articulate my frustrations, my sadness, my excitement, my thoughts on life. When I can’t write my emotions and thoughts just eat away at me on the inside. Writing is my outlet.

The worst part about writers block is there is no one steadfast rule to get rid of it. Everyone has their own methods: Food, drugs, alcohol, sex, music, typing till something happens and the words come together. Everyone’s inspiration comes from somewhere else.

Me. I read, everything, anything, hoping that the magical combination of words produced by Dickens and Twain will inspire me. I watch movies and TV hoping that the witty dialogue will quicken the pace of my words. I listen to music hoping the poetics of the lyrics will evoke the same poetry in what I’m trying to say.  That’s my writers’ block cure.

I’m not sure it actually does anything. I’m not sure anyone’s cure for writers’ block actually does anything.  We do what we think will fix it. No matter what though cure or no cure eventually you wake up one day and you can write again.


3 thoughts on “Writers’ Block

  1. You’ve put into words exactly what I was feeling yesterday. And the day before. And the day before. When I have writer’s block, I nearly always end up just writing something painfully stupid. That at least gets the unimportant crap out of my head, and then I’m able to determine if I actually have something worth saying or not.


  2. Well writ for someone with Writer’s Block…and the cure is dead on…reading seems to help me when I suffer from the dreaded BLOCK


  3. The trick that sometimes works for me is to have an imaginary conversation with someone. Sometimes it helps to be walking outside, when doing this. If lucky, I can get a thread, then stretch & turn it until it gets better.

    (Typo fixed! Maybe you can edit, so both versions don’t show up. ; )


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