Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

I really like Christmas. You know those kids that wake-up Christmas morning at 4am ready to open presents? I was one of them. I’d lie awake in my bed for what seemed like hours and count down the seconds until it was acceptable to torture my sister and parents awake.

I like Christmas music (but PLEASE do not listen to it until at least after Thanksgiving). I like Christmas trees (real ones) and Christmas decorations (though I’m constantly disgusted by the people who put 1 million lights on their houses). I like Christmas.

I’ve been finding it hard to really get in the spirit of Christmas this year. I’ve tried any number of Christmasy things and they’ve all kind of failed. I think it might be because I don’t have a tree staring me in the face for 2 weeks straight. I think it might be because it’s be uncharacteristically warm (60 degrees in the December really?). I think it might be because I really really want some snow.

Washington,DC has its fair share of Christmas activities: the National Christmas Tree Lighting, model trains at Union Station and the Botanical Gardens, Zoo Lights, caroling at the Willard. But, when you’re from a small town where every other house has lights and wreaths, the city’s decorations seem a bit barren. (This is with the exception of my office building which has such a mixture and clash of Christmas decorations that it looks like Santa Claus threw up all the decorations he didn’t want any more). When Christmas isn’t staring you down at every single corner, it’s harder to get in the Christmas spirit. You actually have to do it yourself (weird I know).

My family has always been very traditional about Christmas decorating and celebrating. We get a real Christmas tree and decorate it with a handful of homemade ornaments, sticking with balls and bows in red and gold and clear lights. We hang simple green wreaths and garlands and maybe some holly. We eat goose (before it became so outrageously priced) for Christmas dinner. We go to church on Christmas Eve (like every good Episcopalian should). We listen to relatively classical Christmas music. It’s traditional. And, I’ve been so completely socialized by my family to only appreciate traditional Christmas decorations that everything else seems tacky.

I still love Christmas and my family’s traditional Christmas ways. Though I do wish we could get a little snow…


Dog in the snow


View from the front porch


House in the Snow


Christmas swag


Birdhouse in Winter


Winter Sky


A Tree in Winter


Holly Decor




Christmas Star


***All Photos were taken by me during Christmases spent in Larkspur, Colorado


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