Goodbye, Washington DC

After 5 years living in the nation’s capital I am leaving for Chicago. After 5 years of frigid winters and grueling summers. It seems only appropriate that my last moments in DC will take place where it all started: American University. I don’t feel like I’ve changed much since I took my first steps here. But, as I look back, the city has changed me. It’s left its mark on me. Plagued me with memories at every corner.

It’s been a week of goodbyes to my friends, my co-workers, my favorite spots.

A friend of mine said I’d documented every corner of DC, so it was time for me to document every corner of Chicago. In truth, I’ve barely scratched the surface. There are places in Washington I’ve still never set foot in. There are things I’ve still never had the opportunity or the time to do. The National Arboretum, the Spanish Steps in Dupont, the Postal Museum, hike through Rock Creek Park, tour the White House. Places I assumed as a DC resident I would eventually be able to go, do, and see.

I’ve prided myself over the years at my ability to acknowledge the dirty underbelly of the city, but as much as I acknowledged it, I never truly understood it. I never truly experienced it. I lived my life in the tight closed-off corner of Northwest, DC. Secluded from the harsh realities of much of the city and its residents. In 5 years I have never been farther east than Union Station or farther south than Eastern Market. Places that are just as much a part of Washington as the Capitol Building or the White House.

If you were to open my camera bag today, you’d find 3 rolls of film yet to be developed. They contain photos of DC  from the past six months. I’ve been planning to develop them for months. But, I’ve decided to wait. There will be something more meaningful, more nostalgic about waiting to view  the photographs after I’ve left. Something sentimental.

Please enjoy some old photos from my past few years in Washington, DC.

Old Post Office Building
Penn Quarter
Arlington National Cemetery
Arlington National Cemetery
Arlington National Cemetery
Cleveland Park
National Cathedral
Door on the National Mall
DC Spring
Washington National Cathedral Woods
Chess board in Lafayette Square
Sheridan Circle
Washington National Cathedral
Washington National Cathedral
World War 1 Memorial
Washington National Mall
Washington National Mall
Smithsonian Natural History Museum
Tidal Basin and the Jefferson Memorial
The Lincoln Memorial
Vietnam War Memorial
C & O Canal, Georgetown
M Street, Georgetown
Dupont Circle
Washington Monument

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