Gardens: Chicago Style

You think of Chicago and you think architecture. You think bone chilling cold winters. Television buffs think of George Clooney and ER. You think industrial revolution. You think The Jungle and Sister Carrie. You think the mob and Al Capone. But, I certainly never thought gardens. Chicago has gardens at every other turn. You go two blocks and there’s a garden or a park. Not whimpy gardens but really fully maintained beautiful ones. With flowers bulging at the seams.

Millennium Park
Millennium Park
Wishing Well Canal at Millennium Park
Garden at Millennium Park
Bee at the Garden
Garden at Millennium Park
Gardener Grooming the Garden Grounds
Millennium Park Garden
Chicago Skyline from the Garden
Pretty in Blue

Millennium Park
Millennium Park Founders Arch
Millennium Park Founders Arch
Grass Steps at Chicago Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Flower in Fourth Presbyterian Church Garden
Garden Arch near beach
Garden near beach

Olive Park
A garden plaza



















40 thoughts on “Gardens: Chicago Style

  1. Thank you for noticing! As a native Chicagoan living in L.A., the thing I miss most is the parks and gardens (yes, on every other block!). I would trade the hot, dry So-Cal weather for Chicago’s climate any time. I am so homesick for my beautiful home town!!! Next to Paris, Chicago is the most beautiful city (at least to me).


  2. Chicago sure is a beautiful city. You’re absolutely right that the gardens don’t spring to mind when you think of the Windy City. But they’re here! I promise!


  3. I’ve lived just north of Chicago (in Evanston – another beautiful city on the lake) for over 20 years and I love Chicago. If you’ve never visited you should –just not in winter! Also the Chicago Botanic Garden north of Chicago is fabulous!


  4. I lived in Chicago for 17 years (I just relocated a few months ago due north) and would encourage anyone to do some garden-gazing in the Gold Coast and Old Town neighborhoods of Chicago. Also check out the Lincoln Park Conservatory. It’s true, the gardens do bulge at the seams with flowers! Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos!


  5. i’ve also noticed this. on Ellis heading south to the 55th bus stop two large, circular flower beds parallel the street. it’s a nice sight to improve the daily attitude, and the commute of course.


  6. I recently had the pleasure of visiting Chicago for the first time a few weeks ago, and it was absolutely beautiful! Millenium Park was definitely one of my favorite places to visit. I had a lot of fun taking pics there. I hope to move soon!


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