Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

Wisconsin Avenue, Friendship Heights, Washington, DC

Having lived in or near urban areas for the past few years I thought this photo challenge would be easier than it was. As I began sifting through images though, I realized I needed to peel back the layers of my photo albums, photo by photo, to find an image that brought out the atmosphere and mood of an area the city.

I selected this particular image above because it captures a typical afternoon weekday in the upscale neighborhood of  Friendship Heights. The high-end nature of Friendship Heights makes it incredibly different from the rest of Washington, DC. In a city that struggles to come to grips with and find solutions to the number of its citizens that are below the poverty line, off in the upper northwest corner of the city Friendship Heights is an area almost exclusively for the well-off elite. The main stretch of the neighborhood is marked by Wisconsin Avenue and lined with high-end and expensive  chain stores and restaurants, like Anthropologie, J. Crew and Pottery Barn. On only select occasions  do visitors see individuals who are markedly poor and struggling to make ends meet. Instead, the sidewalks are full of upper-middle class  consumers (mostly women), with their designer purses and bags, bouncing from store to store.


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