Chicago On the River: An Architecture Cruise

Buildings are synonymous with Chicago. They’re the heart of the city. Beautiful buildings. Modern buildings. Old buildings. Interesting buildings. If there’s one thing I always enjoy photographing, it’s architecture. As I was leaving Washington, DC a good friend of mine gave me a gift certificate for a Chicago River Cruise as a parting gift. The cruise sails down the Chicago river giving you glimpses of history and knowledge about some of the city’s famous buildings.

I went fully expecting to spend my entire time looking up at the architecture that lines the river. Instead I spent must of the time, looking down. I can’t be certain but I think the people on the cruise must have thought I was insane. As they took snapshot after snapshot of the Tribune Building and the Wrigley Building, I was pointing my camera at the water. Looking past the traditional beauty of the city and capturing some of the gritty scenes along the river. Floating debris. Rusted boats. Bent ladders. Occasionally I came up for air when an unmistakably breathtaking cityscape leapt out. I’m sure I looked strange, getting excited about things that seemed meaningless, but architecture, is more than just buildings and bridges. In fact it frequently lingers in the places we least expect, even in a city like Chicago who prides itself on the magnificent architecture of its buildings.

Underside of one of the bridges along the river
Wooden post lying along the southern portion of the river
A twisted and bent ladder leading into the river

Mystery Tunnel
Old and weathered “No Wake” signs, some barely legible, are scattered every few feet