Election Day is Like Christmas

Election Day is like Christmas for anyone with a political science degree. After months and months and years of hard work we finally learn if we’ve won. We finally learn if the candidate, candidates or issues we’ve been fighting for (and more often than not, against) have won. Election Day is a special kind of high. It’s excitement, combined with nerves. It’s a night, even when you come out victorious, with more than a few disappointments and sometimes a night filled with disappointment, but lined with a few victories.

Politics is a part of my nature. At 3 years old I went the polls with my mom. While we left, a car drove up asking if this is where you go vote. I proudly told him “This is where you go vote for Bill Clinton.” Every election cycle when I was a kid I polled my friends and family. During my sophomore year of high school, when most people were deciding what to wear to homecoming, I was out knocking on doors and walking in parades to get people to vote. Yes, I know: Freak. You can say it. But, I wave my political freak flag high and proud.

Election season, topped off with Election Day, is the one time us political fanatics feel everyone else actually cares about politics. It’s the one time we can unabashedly try to persuade people to think the way we do. We’re the ones that bog Facebook and Twitter down with messages telling you to “Go Vote” and giving you by-the-minute updates.

After all you should vote! There’s nothing worse than a person who complains about the government but doesn’t vote. We the politically motivated may be the ones you hear on TV. We may be the ones standing outside, waving signs up and down. We may be the ones knocking on your door. But, election day shouldn’t be a decision made by us alone. It’s not just our country. It’s everyone’s. And , if you want to make a difference, if you want to exercise your right, if you want your voice to be heard: VOTE!

If may be Christmas for many of us. We may be sitting waiting for the first round of exit polls to be announced. But, Election Day doesn’t just matter for us, it matters for everyone.


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