Keep Austin Weird (and Not Typically Texan)

Keep Austin Weird.

The moment you get off the plane in Austin you know you’re in Texas. There are cowboy boots on signs and people playing bluegrass and country music in the airport. It’s Texas. And yet, Austin is not as Texas as the rest of Texas.

Independent coffee shops and grocery stores. Local burger joints. Things that all seem very un-Texas. (It helps that it’s 75 degrees when the rest of the country is freezing. Leaves on trees. People wearing shorts. Sunshine. Barbeques).

It’s still a weird place. More than a few women with hair well beyond their butts, wearing tie-dyed clothing. Strange art hanging from trees and displayed in front of homes (does anyone really need 20 lawn flamingos in different colors?).

But, if you’re going to declare yourself “Weird” I suppose the least you can do is maintain your image.

Project 365 week 5 151

Project 365 week 5 154

Project 365 week 5 064

Project 365 week 5 168

Project 365 week 5 158

Project 365 week 5 080

Project 365 week 5 077

Project 365 week 5 101

Project 365 week 5 111

Project 365 week 5 119


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