Missing Spring in DC

A friend of mine living in DC posted a picture of tulips blooming in a garden. Spring starts early in DC.

There are things about DC I hated when I lived there. I even went so far as to call the place “toxic.” People are power hungry and egotistical, tourists are obnoxious, and summers there are brutally hot, humid and unpleasant. Some things though, I miss. Obviously I miss my friends that are there. I miss their company, I miss their stories, I miss them. I miss certain places too. The city is dotted with little parks and gardens, everyone has their own. I had mine (more than one). Places where I’d escape and read a good book or just sit and think. Montrose Park and Dumbarton Oaks Park on the northern end of Georgetown were and are favorites (along with the National Cathedral). As I left DC I concentrated on all the things I hated about the city and forgot all the things I loved. I pushed to the center of my mind the ugly buildings and pushed to the back the “hidden gems” that make it beautiful.

As March approaches and the weather warms (one can only hope it gets warmer), I can’t help remembering how pretty DC is in the Spring. There’s nothing quite like the flowers blooming around town. Not just the notorious Cherry Blossoms but the tulips and the daffodils and all the other flowering trees that bring out pinks and purples and yellows. The weather is warm, but not overbearing, and the rain isn’t constantly pouring down yet. It’s the best time to visit the city.


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