Tall as a Giraffe

I wish I could be as tall as a giraffe. Yes that sounds like it should be the line of a goofy children’s book. But, it’s true. I’ve always liked giraffes. They seem so gentle. They have cool fur. And they have the awesome advantage of being incredibly tall, something I wish I could be.

It was a pleasant surprise to see such a large herd  and large exhibit at the Brookfield Zoo. By my count the zoo has at least 7 giraffes including a large baby and one that looked a bit elderly. They are beautiful, beautiful giraffes.

2013_05_17_0195 2013_05_17_0196 2013_05_17_0197 2013_05_17_0198 2013_05_17_0202 2013_05_17_0204 2013_05_17_0205 2013_05_17_0210 2013_05_17_0211 2013_05_17_0215 2013_05_17_0216 2013_05_17_0217



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