Central Park–Heart of the City

I get a lot of crap for moving to New York (especially from my DC friends). The biggest problem people have is that New York is dirty. I can’t disagree there, because it is. I spend half of my time making sure I don’t step on or in something I’ll regret later. The next problem I hear: not enough green space. Of course they’re wrong. There are parks everywhere and people seem to constantly forget there’s this little somewhat famous park in the middle of the city: Central Park.

Actually it’s a giant park. Walking from one end to the other (north to south) without even venturing inside is about 2 1/2 miles. That makes for a pretty large rectangle of green space, full of trees and fields, meadows and lakes, woods and groves. And it’s pretty f**king beautiful. Fredrick Law Olmstead definitely got it right when he designed Central Park (actually he got it right just about everywhere else too).

There’s something so incredible about walking from point to point in the park. Coming over a hill to a giant field or turning the corner to see an intricate bridge. Central Park isn’t just about the green space. It’s about the architecture that dots parts of it too.  It’s about the remarkable way  manmade and the natural elements fit cohesively together.

You have this weird sense as you walk around, especially in the center, of being simultaneously in the wilderness and in the City. Maybe it’s the tourists. Maybe it’s the people in suits. I’m not sure. One thing is certain it’s a park for everyone. A tourist can take pleasure in the beauty. A local can take pleasure in their own secret spots.

It’s true there are stretches in the city that lack trees–a walk down Lafayette or Broadway can be particularly brutal.  But, everywhere you turn in New York there’s a park that suddenly pops up. But, honestly let’s face they all pale in comparison to Central Park.  NYC + Jay Street 002edited (1024x683) NYC + Jay Street 003edited (1024x683) NYC + Jay Street 006edited (1024x683)NYC + Jay Street 026edited (1024x654) NYC + Jay Street 030edited (1024x683) NYC + Jay Street 037edited (683x1024) NYC + Jay Street 039edited (683x1024) NYC + Jay Street 048edited (683x1024) NYC + Jay Street 050edited (1024x421) NYC + Jay Street 053edited (1024x683) NYC + Jay Street 062edited (1024x468) NYC + Jay Street 063edited (1024x838) NYC + Jay Street 065edited (1024x683)


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