The Meatpacking District: Charm Meets History

The Meatpacking District: A beautiful place for such a gruesome history and name.

The name doesn’t conjure images of cobblestone streets and brick warehouses. It doesn’t make you think of the Highline. Nor small boutiques and trendy restaurants. It doesn’t make you think of those things, but that’s what you find. A charming New York neighborhood.

It wasn’t always so charming. As one might guess the name comes from the 250 plus slaughterhouses and packing plants that filled the area in the early 1900s. So many in fact that the construction of the elevated freight railroad, known today as the Highline, was built in order to speed the delivery of goods to these facilities. It remained the epicenter of meatpacking through the 1970s, but by the 1980s the area fell into decline, as drug use and prostitution became prevalent.

Little of this dark and gory history can be seen today. The streets remain cobbled. The old warehouses add character. The Highline has been transformed into a beautiful elevated park. It’s become a place you want to go to and get lost in rather than run away from.

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