Over the Brooklyn Bridge

Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge for the sole purpose of walking across the Brooklyn Bridge couldn’t be more touristy, but it’s one of those things that I knew I wanted to do at least once while living in New York.

For some reason I had this notion the walk across would take a lot longer than it did, so imagine my surprise when I was across in less than 45 minutes. I also thought it would be more exciting than it was. Don’t get me wrong, there’s something really cool about walking across a landmark bridge, but as you’re doing it, you’re really just walking across a bridge. I’m told when you walk from Brooklyn to Manhattan it’s more exciting, which seems accurate since I constantly kept turning around to look at the skyline.

The skyline is impressive. It’s one of those staple views everyone needs to see of New York. There’s something beautiful about the bridge, in its own way. The way all the elements come together and the way the city acts as a backdrop just adds to that beauty.

Maybe next time I’ll walk across from Brooklyn to Manhattan.

IMG_6149edited (683x1024)
Heading towards Brooklyn
IMG_6151edited (1024x683)
View into Manhattan’s Financial District
IMG_6160edited (683x1024)
Bridge Wires
IMG_6164edited (1024x736)
Bridge Pipes
IMG_6168 (876x1024)
Almost in Brooklyn

IMG_6152edited (1024x683) IMG_6154edited (1024x683) IMG_6155edited (1024x683) IMG_6162edited (1024x683) IMG_6166edited (683x1024) IMG_6169edited (1024x634)


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