Blog Hop: My Writing Process

A big thanks and shout out to my dear friend Kate, author of the blog “Say Yes! Change Things” for inviting me to participate in this blog hop. Please check out her blog as she is amazing and talented.

The concept of the blog hop is simple. I’ll answer a few short questions and then pass it off to another friend and fellow blogger.

I’ll start with the questions:

1) What am I working on?
This is not always and easy question to answer. I’m usually writing and working on several different things at once and usually you can finds different parts of different stories scribbled in a series of different notebooks, notepads, and on my computer (yes I know you can’t scribble on a computer, but you get the idea). Right now I have been working on parts of a novel, some scripts, and of course the content for this blog. When it comes to writing I have ADD

2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?
In terms of what I write for this blog and when I’m writing about my travel and wandering experiences, I’d say my writing differs in what I talk about. I don’t just talk about where to get good food, the best hotel, or where to go shopping. Usually I’m talking about the culture and feeling of a place. I think this makes it a bit unique for this particular field.

3) Why do I write what I do?
Because I have to. No seriously. Writing for me is an outlet. I’m much more articulate and well spoken when I’m writing than when I’m talking to someone in person. It’s a way to express what I’m thinking and feeling. It’s cathartic. A way to get everything out of my head. Whether it’s something I’m feeling or something I’m thinking or a story or scene I can’t get away from.

I also really like words and how words come together. What better way to experiment than to write.

4) How does my writing process work?
I think my answer to the first question may have covered this a bit. Mostly it’s in little spurts here and there. For shorter pieces, like the blog, I have to do them in one sitting. But, for longer pieces, I have to take it while it comes. I never force myself to write, when I do it’s never good. I’m actually one of those people that’s more afraid to finish what I’ve started than I am of actually starting. In other words a blank page does not scare me.

Depending on what I’m writing I venture back and forth between the computer and the physical act of writing my hand. More emotional pieces I usually do by hand, something about it acts as a release. But, sometimes typing allows me to think and work in a way that lets the words spill out.


It’s now my turn to pass this blog hop on to a “Peace of Peru” which is written by Brittany. Brittany is a grad student studying Latin American studies. Her blog started during her time in Peru for the Peace Corps as a way to share her experiences.



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