Midtown Manhattan

I hate midtown Manhattan. Passionately hate it. I cringe when I have to go and I avoid it as much as possible. I consider it a black hole of tourists. When people think of New York as a city full of too tall buildings and streets over flooding with tourists they’re think of Midtown. It’s chaotic. It’s exceptionally dirty. It’s commercialized. And yet, there are moments when you’re walking down the street in Midtown when the light hits the buildings in just the right way and you realize part of what draws the crowds. It’s not just all the shopping and tourists traps (honestly people there’s nothing exciting about Times Square or Rockefeller Center!). There are some genuinely beautiful buildings. Old buildings, new buildings. Glass buildings, stone buildings. All mishmashed together. Yes, I hate Midtown–most New Yorkers hate Midtown– but it’s not all bad.

IMG_6410edited (683x1024) IMG_6409edited (792x1024) IMG_6408edited (683x1024)


One thought on “Midtown Manhattan

  1. Midtown Manhattan is also magnificent. Attending a Marketing/Research conference there, I won a free ticket to see Paul Newman live in”Our Town.” The following day it was snowing; workers were in front of businesses, clearing the sidewalks as the snow fell. The pedestrians hurried along walks and across intersections as one moving crowd. I fell into step, remembering how it is done, from the Chicago Loop, years ago.
    Indeed, Midtown Manhattan get * * * * (4 stars) from me.


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