The Upper West Side

I wish I had more photographs of the Upper West Side. It’s quintessential New York. All those movies when people live in charming row houses and going to charming cafes, if they’re not filmed in the Village, they’re filmed in the Upper West Side. For everyone who’s ever seen You’ve Got Mail you know what I’m talking about. The whole film is basically a love letter to the area. I prefer it to the Upper East Side, which might be home to some of the uber-rich, but it’s lacks some of the charm. Yes, the Upper West Side is charming and without being able to put my finger on it there’s something familiar. I’m constantly caught up in the sensation, even when walking down a new street, that I’ve been there before (which I suppose through the movies I have). If it wasn’t so hard to get to from the East Side I’d be there all the time.

IMG_6399edited (1024x683) IMG_6401edited (1024x683) IMG_6405edited (683x1024) IMG_6407edited (683x1024)


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