Near Bow Bridge

Central Park has more than its fair share of famous bridges. Everywhere you go in the park is a bridge that someone famous built or someone famous walked across or that was featured in a a movie. Bow Bridge is possibly one of the more famous though. It’s a picturesque bridge that looks a lot like it came out of a fairy tale. You can practically picture a Disney princess spinning around in circles as she sings about finding her true love–actually that may have happened in the movie Enchanted. The scene when you look across the lake to the bridge is idyllic. Most people make a B-line to the bridge when they get there, but there are some pretty areas near the bridge which are well worth the detour. I was happy to find a little gazebo type structure in a secluded corner of the lake, a perfect place to read for a bit, get out of the sun, and enjoy some serenity.

IMG_6259edited (1024x683) IMG_6262edited (1024x683) IMG_6282edited (1024x683) IMG_6283edited (1024x683) IMG_6304edited (1024x683) IMG_6313edited IMG_6354edited (1024x683) IMG_6355edited (1024x683) IMG_6357edited (1024x683)


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