Shakespeare in the Park

Shakespeare in the Park. Every summer the Public Theater hosts Shakespeare in Central Park nearly every evening for free. I thought it was such a grand idea. What could be better than free Shakespeare in Central Park? Despite being free to watch the show you must have tickets which can be picked up starting at noon each day.  When you check the internet they tell you to get there a little while in advance, because the lines for tickets can be long. Apparently that means arriving in Central Park by 6am. Needless to say my one, and only attempt, failed. I was several hundred feet away from the counter when they ran out of tickets.

I should have been angry or upset about giving up my Friday morning to stand in a long for hours and come away empty handed, but the ridiculousness of it all made me laugh. Besides, you can’t really be too upset when you’re standing in a beautiful garden. Wooden benches and a carefully sculpted garden. It’s a pleasant place. Even if I did get to watch Shakespeare at least I got to sit in his garden.

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