Winter Garden Walk

I’m one of the few people who get excited when the clouds come in and the temperatures start to drop. I actually like walking around outside when it’s cold. And, I think gardens can be just as beautiful in the winter as they are in the spring. They may not be lush and green, with flowers, but the dead leaves and the craggily branches of the trees and shrubs has a haunting quality. It’s mysterious. Quiet. Still. Maybe it’s because you know that in a few months it will burst out in a scream of color, but a garden in the winter holds is expectant. It’s just waiting, keeping its secrets until its ready to share.

IMG_7149edited IMG_7151edited (853x1280) IMG_7153edited (1280x853) IMG_7154edited (1280x853) IMG_7156edited (853x1280) IMG_7157edited (1280x853) IMG_7158edited (1280x853) IMG_7159edited (853x1280) IMG_7160edited (1280x853) IMG_7162edited (1280x853) IMG_7163edited (1280x853) IMG_7164edited (1280x853) IMG_7166edited (1280x853)


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