Holiday Trains

There’s something kind of magical about a crowded train station during the holidays. People waiting for their trains, people picking up family members. It reminds me a lot of the scenes in Love Actually of the people greeting each other as they get off their airplanes. Train stations have succeeded in the post-9/11 world to give the appearances of limited security and it’s made for a more intimate experience. There’s a lot less waiting after the train has arrived to greet the people picking you up. You step off the train, walk through your gate and there they are, smiling, waving, crying. There’s hugs and kisses. Long goodbyes and hellos. The emotions that come with the holidays add a whole new layer to the age old experience. Expectancy coupled with love? I’m not sure.

What I do know is when you step into a train station like Union Station during the holidays, it’s breathtaking, it’s emotional, it’s magical. The decorations, the people, the sounds. There’s no place quite like it.

IMG_6944edited (853x1280) IMG_6945edited (1280x853) IMG_6947edited (853x1280) IMG_6948edited (1280x853) IMG_6949edited (1280x853) IMG_6950edited (1280x853) IMG_6951edited (1280x853) IMG_6952edited (1280x900) IMG_6953edited (1280x853) IMG_6954edited (1280x841) IMG_6955edited (1280x853) IMG_6957edited (1280x853)


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