Maggie Daley Park

I geek out over new parks. The excitement has to do with the fact that something has been done to turn a vacant plot or a derelict building into something useable. It’s just plain cool. Especially when it’s a park. Parks bring people together, they provide a place for people to be active, for children to play, for people to relax, and they’re good for the environment.

I trekked through the new Maggie Daley Park while I was in Chicago. I didn’t go to the new ice skating rink which has become a hit—wait time to skate is at least an hour–but I took the bridge over and wandered around. There are more play areas than I can count. Mostly simple concepts that have been designed in a way to keep kids interested for hours. Tons of picnic areas. And, great view of the City. The whole park isn’t finished yet, but when it is I think it’s going to be a must-see, go-to spot for families. A park that really does all the things a park is suppose to do for a community.

IMG_7133edited (1280x853) IMG_7134edited (853x1280) IMG_7136edited (1280x853) IMG_7139edited (1280x853) IMG_7142edited (1280x853) IMG_7143edited (1280x853) IMG_7148edited (1280x853)


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