Hudson River Line

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that Manhattan is surrounded by water. And yet, there’s a strange comfort when you stroll along the west side of the island and look out across the Hudson. There’s also a striking beauty in the contrast between the vast city with it’s towering building and the quiet of nature. It’s funny to realize that New York wouldn’t exist without the water that surrounds it. The water made the island a perfect place to settle, to manufacture goods, and export products. During the summer I found myself wandering down to the Hudson whenever I needed to clear my head.
IMG_6454edited (1280x584)
IMG_6436edited (968x1280) IMG_6441edited (1224x1280) IMG_6460edited (1280x663) IMG_6464edited (1280x853) IMG_6490edited (1280x853) IMG_6491edited (853x1280) IMG_6494edited (1280x1022) IMG_6496edited (1280x853) IMG_6501edited (1280x889)IMG_6625edited (1280x853) IMG_6627edited (1280x853) IMG_6632edited (1280x853) IMG_6633edited (1280x369)


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