On the Pier

Piers are great for people watching.  People don’t go to a pier for any one reason. Some go to read. Some go to jog. Some go to enjoy the views. It makes for an intriguing group of people every time you go.

Piers are also great for architecture and design. The boardwalk. The light posts. The columns. The benches. The weathered wood. They can be both modern and old all at the same time.

All of this goes by way of saying that an afternoon sitting on a pier can be a wonderfully interesting day. One afternoon this summer I enjoyed a kite festival. The pier–along the Upper West Side–was crammed with the sound of music and families and water and wind. There were people flying kites and people snapping pictures and people working out. And, while this was obviously a special occasion my other trips to the piers in New York City have been met with similar experiences. There may have been less food and music, but people all doing the same things, even when the temperatures dropped a bit or the sun blared. Somehow people are able to make a pier their own.

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