Moss Obsessed

I may be a bit strange, but I’m fascinated with moss. It may have something to do with my obsession with rainy and wet climates, and my deprivation of it in the dry weather of Larkspur, Colorado, but regardless I think it’s one of the prettiest things that grows in the world. I’d give anything to sit with my back against a moss grown tree or on the ledge of a moss covered window. Years from now I’m sure I’ll be the batty woman dutifully cultivating moss on my property while my neighbors try as hard as possible to scrub it from their lawn furniture. Needless to say my obsession means that as other people rush by in the rain you’ll probably see me soaking in the beautiful moss that comes to life when the skies open up and the clouds fill the sky. And, as corny as all of this sounds, I’ll happily wear my weirdness on my sleeve if it means sharing some photos of a recent self-assigned moss scavenger hunt.

IMG_7514edited (1024x683)
Moss on Bethesda Terrace Stairs
IMG_7515edited (1024x683)
Moss on Bethesda Terrace Stairs
IMG_7517edited (1024x683)
Moss Growing on Bethesda Terrace Banister
IMG_7518edited (1024x683)
Moss on Bethesda Terrace Stairs
IMG_7519edited (1024x683)
Moss and a Small Flower on the Bethesda Terrace Stairs

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