Rainy Day Tuesdays in Central Park

It’s my opinion there’s nothing more beautiful than a city in the rain.

New York isn’t without its disgusting rainy day features—not the least of which is the terrible muddy brown puddles you’re forced to jump over as you cross the street or the dirt that cakes to your pants as you walk down the subway stairs. And yet, the City is beautiful in the rain. Fog cascades across the skyscrapers. Mist collects in the parks. That wonderful damp, humid smell swells into the air. A faint sound of swooshing emerges as cars whiz by on the busy streets. The City becomes quiet except for the rain pounding on windows and buildings.

A walk in Central Park on a rainy day is unlike a walk through Central Park on any other day. On a normal day the park is packed. There are thousands people everywhere you go. But, when rain comes down it becomes a different place. You can walk through the entire park and barely see a soul. Bethesda Terrace typically filled with tourists is left deserted—a handful of people rush through on their way to the other side of the park and a cluster of homeless camp out under the arcade, but otherwise it’s empty. There’s a sense you own the park. On rainy days, there’s nothing better than to stroll through Central Park, take in the sights without the crowds, and find a covered spot to read a book and watch the rain.

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