Life on Governors Island

It’s hard to feel like you in New York City when you’re on Governors Island. You can walk around the whole island pretending you’re in some quaint town or on a hiking day trip only to be reminded when you turn around, faced with New York’s infamous skyline that the City is right there.

On my most recent trip—as I strolled down the tree-lined street and passed the colonial and mid-Atlantic suburban looking homes—I kept wondering what it would be like to actually live here. Separated from New York, but part of New York. Connected only by a 5 minute ferry ride to Manhattan or Brooklyn. Would it feel isolating? Or would it be a perfect way to live in the City—close to the amenities of the real City folk—but without the chaos and hubbub all the time. In my romantic head, it seems like a perfect compromise, the best of both worlds. The City at your doorstep and actual backyards.

Below are some photographs I took of a small alcove near the Colonels Row portion of the island.

IMG_7593edited (1024x683) IMG_7594edited (1024x683) IMG_7616edited (1024x683)IMG_7609edited


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