Writing on the Wall



When you live in a city graffiti is a natural course of life. Even the nicest neighborhoods end up tagged with something every now and then. In New York–and increasingly in other cities across the world–graffiti is an art form. It speaks volumes beyond a rowdy bunch of kids deciding to get crazy with the spray paint. It’s wall art more than anything else. Walk down a street in New York and you’d be hard pressed not to spot some kind of wall art. Not just random lines trailed from a can of paint, but murals and stories. In a place as jam packed as this one, the best place to put the art is the walls. And, while some of it may not be sanctioned, it simply adds to the wonderful culture and air of the City.

IMG_7783edited (1024x683) IMG_7784edited (1024x834) IMG_7787edited (1024x632) IMG_7800edited (1024x696) IMG_7802edited (1024x683) IMG_7806edited (1024x683)


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