Two Bridges

There are over 2,000 bridges and tunnels in New York City. They stretch over the Hudson River to New Jersey, they connect the different boroughs, and they provide footpaths over canals and other small waterways. The City is a city of bridges. The most famous of these is probably the Brooklyn Bridge, which opened in 1883. I’m not convinced it’s New York’s most beautiful bridge. That honor I’d probably bestow on its next-door neighbor the Manhattan Bridge. But, that’s just my opinion. Regardless of history, fame, or beauty the two bridges that lay across the East River connecting Manhattan and Brooklyn stand as striking icons. They frame the landscape of the City and add more than a little character.

IMG_7722edited (1024x804) IMG_7723edited (1024x683) IMG_7727edited (1024x683) IMG_7728edited (1024x475) IMG_7729edited (1024x586) IMG_7730edited (1024x587) IMG_7734edited (683x1024) IMG_7756edited (1024x683) IMG_7761edited (1023x1024) IMG_7769edited (1024x683) IMG_7775edited (1024x683) IMG_7776edited (1024x641) IMG_7779edited (1024x683) IMG_7789edited (1024x683)


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