Boats on the East River

Capturing the perfect image of a boat is high on my photography bucket list. It sits somewhere between fireworks and hot air balloons. The perfect image of a boat sounds so much easier than it actually is. You need the right light. You need the right background. You need the right ambiance. And, you need the right number of boats. A single boat on an open waterway can look amazing when two boats looks silly, while a fleet of boats can be stunning and intriguing. The balance of all these factors is hard to achieve.

In New York you can’t go very far without finding a boat–you can thank Manhattan for being an island and the Hudson River and East River for just being there. It provides a wonderful setting to experiment with all the different combinations of boat photography and continue the search for the perfect boat image.

IMG_7636edited (1024x597) IMG_7637edited (1024x665) IMG_7638edited (1024x678) IMG_7640edited (1024x683) IMG_7649edited (1024x485)


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