A Walk Through Brooklyn Bridge Park

I have a love affair with the Hudson River. It has a lot to do with train trips to Chicago and the scenery I pass along the river as I leave the City; it has a bit to do with Billy Joel’s New York State of Mind. So it’s no surprise that I usually make a B-line for the Hudson when I’m dying to spend time near the water. Recently though I’ve begun to see the draw of the East River.  Brooklyn Bridge Park makes a stroll along the East River in Brooklyn a truly enjoyable experience. The views are spectacular, but it’s not just the fact that you get the best chance to photograph the famous city skyline. It’s also a pleasant stroll. True you have to dodge left and right to avoid cyclists and joggers on the paths that spider throughout the Park, but it’s greenspace in an urban jungle. Grass and trees. Flowers. Water. It’s no wonder so many people flock to Brooklyn Bridge Park to enjoy an afternoon along the East River.

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