Christ Church, Philadelphia

As a lifelong Episcopalian I am a bit conceited when it comes to churches. But, I can’t help it. Episcopalians know how to do churches. I think it’s because of our Anglican roots. We’ve got the National Cathedral in Washington, DC, Trinity Church in New York, Old North Church in Boston, and Christ Church in Philadelphia–just to name a few.

My recent venture to Philadelphia led me to Christ Church. It’s a beautiful building with some famous parishioners and a rich history, and yes still a functioning church. The current building was completed in the 1740s and has was the religious home of famous Americans like Benjamin Franklin and Betsy Ross.  Just a short walk from Independence Hall and the birthplace of American independence, historian David McCullough was said,  “no other church has played a more significant role in our nation’s birth”, according to historian David McCullough.  The building itself has also won renown, in fact the steeple was once the highest structure in the colonial America.

As many of tourists have discovered it’s worth the visit.

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