Summer Meets Fall

We’re at that weird stage in Fall when the leaves haven’t necessarily exploded in color and their are still a few summery looking flowers peaking their way through the grass and in the window boxes. When I strolled through the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens the other week it was fun to be walking down one lane surrounded by purple and blue flowers and then to turn down the next and be surrounded by vibrant yellow leaves. It made for a spectacularly beautiful visit.

_MG_8313edited (1024x683) _MG_8314edited (1024x683) _MG_8315edited (1024x683) _MG_8321edited (1024x683) _MG_8323edited (1024x683) _MG_8325edited (1024x683) _MG_8374edited (683x1024) _MG_8388edited (1024x683) IMG_8213edited (1024x683) IMG_8214edited (1024x683) IMG_8242edited (1024x683) IMG_8250edited (1024x777) IMG_8258edited (1024x683) IMG_8271edited (1024x683) IMG_8276edited (683x1024) IMG_8279edited (683x1024) IMG_8281edited (683x1024) IMG_8282edited (683x1024) IMG_8283edited (1024x683) IMG_8284edited (683x1024) IMG_8300edited (1024x683) IMG_8301edited (1024x683) IMG_8302edited (1024x683) IMG_8363edited (683x1024) IMG_8368edited (683x1024) IMG_8378edited (1024x683)


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