Vistas and Knickknacks

Some sights and views from the Brooklyn Botanic Garden during my visit on Saturday, October 17th. The combination of architecture, plants, and foliage made for some breathtaking vistas and hidden finds.

_MG_8317edited (1024x683) _MG_8329edited (1024x683) _MG_8330edited (1024x683) _MG_8331edited (683x1024) _MG_8335edited (683x1024) _MG_8336edited (1024x683) _MG_8340edited (1024x683) _MG_8344edited (1024x683) IMG_8207edited (683x1024) IMG_8244edited (1024x683) IMG_8245edited (717x1024) IMG_8247edited (781x1024) IMG_8248edited (1024x683) IMG_8252edited (1024x744) IMG_8253edited (1024x749) IMG_8263edited (683x1024) IMG_8310edited (906x1024) IMG_8348edited (1024x683) IMG_8360edited (1024x683) IMG_8361edited (683x1024)


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