Furry Friend

Last Saturday I took a mini-adventure up to Fort Tryon in the Inwood neighborhood of Manhattan–the northern most tip of the borough. I wandered around enjoying the fall foliage and the incredible views of the Hudson and then found a little bench to sit and eat my lunch (a PB&J on wheat). There were squirrels all over the place, but one little guy was rather curious about me and my food. He’d scurry under my bench and sit on his hindquarters, staring right at me. I’ve seen squirrels get a little too close before, once even stalking a woman while she ate in a public park, and unfortunately as cute as they are they often carry diseases. So I’d shoo him away every few minutes with a little shift of my foot, not trying to scare him, simply making it clearly that he wasn’t getting my sandwich. He’d quickly scurry back under and into the woods behind me. As I was leaving he was sitting in a tree munching on a nut a short distance away. Clearly this is one brave squirrel. He didn’t even flinch when I got close enough to get these photographs–and actually just watched me curiously while he ate.

IMG_8416edited (1024x741) IMG_8417edited (1024x683) IMG_8418edited (830x1024)


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