Seattle Day 2: Beautiful Puget Sound

I think I may be giving you all the wrong impression of what I thought about Seattle when I was there. So far I’ve talked about how much grittier it is than I expected. How crowded Pikes Place Market was. The absurdity of the Space Needle and the monorail. The truth is that despite those things I absolutely loved the City.

Perhaps the thing that blew me away the most was how beautiful it is. I spent the better part of my second day in Seattle walking along Puget Sound from Olympic Sculpture Park and then north through Myrtle Edwards Park. You’re struck almost immediately when you hit the parks by the view. The mountains in the distance. The lush green of everything around you. The blue, blue water of Puget Sound. Ferry boats, clippers, and other vessels sailing passed. Mt. Rainier in the background. Even, the rustic charm of the City, complete with cranes and railroad tracks.

There was a moment when I climbed down—Seattle has a lot of hills so climbed is an opportune word to describe the steep descent down the ramp from Olympic Sculpture Park to the water—where the beauty of it all, the serenity of it all took my breath away. I paused at an alcove along the water and sat on logs, just watching the water and a dog run in and out after his ball. It was completely peaceful. What’s crazy is that I had that same reaction at least half a dozen times as I walked along the Sound. It was just calm. Of course all of this should be taken with rose colored glasses, since for only the second time in the past five months I was not at work on a weekday, but it was calm and pleasant and—not to over use the word—absolutely beautiful.

I probably could have spent my entire day along the trails and if there weren’t other things to see and do, I probably would have. And, while enjoyed numerous moments in the six short days I was there, this was probably the moment when I fell completely in love with Seattle and decided that I if the opportunity presented itself I could in fact pick up my bags and move there in a heartbeat._MG_8576edited (1024x683)_MG_8578edited (1024x683)_MG_8579edited (1024x683)_MG_8580edited (1024x683)_MG_8583edited (683x1024)_MG_8585edited (683x1024)_MG_8587editedIMG_8589edited (1024x683)IMG_8590edited (1024x702)IMG_8591edited (1024x683)IMG_8592edited (1024x683)IMG_8600edited (1024x683)IMG_8601edited


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