Seattle: Funky Fremont

Fremont is all about re-arting the art. It’s embraced, encouraged, even celebrated for people to decorate the statues in the neighborhood—most notably a series of statues visitors pass as they enter downtown Fremont. I knew going in that Fremont would be a bit weird. I knew going in that the neighborhood loved art. I just didn’t realize the extent. There is after all a large statue of a troll sitting under the Aurora Bridge like it’s a totally normal thing—even though it’s in the midst of a quiet residential block. In addition the troll, there’s also a statue of Vladmir Lenin and more than half a dozen public art displays scattered throughout the neighborhood.

Like I said it’s a wonderfully funky, arty, weird community.

_MG_8615edited (1024x683)
Sculpture by Richard Beyer, “The Interurban” is frequently dressed up and is one of the neighborhood’s foremost interactive art pieces.
_MG_8616edited (1024x683)
The Aurora Bridge
2-ton Troll Statue under the Aurora Bridge

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