Seattle: Views from the Boat

Beyond having an absolutely amazing time watching wildlife, the clipper boat we took provided a view of some incredible scenery along the Puget Sound and up through the other straits and waterways to the San Juan Islands.

For everyone that says a pictures worth a thousand words, they should go here, because the stunning beauty of it all left me speechless. I could talk about the trees and how great it was or how beautiful the fog and rain made everything, how ethereal Mt. Rainier looks with all its snow, but it wouldn’t do it justice. It was, quite bluntly, just beautiful.

_MG_8745edited (1024x683)_MG_8784edited (1024x683)_MG_8785edited (1024x572)_MG_8790edited (1024x683)_MG_8794edited (1024x548)_MG_8799edited (1024x576)

_MG_8992edited (1024x519)
Mt. Rainier

IMG_8765edited (1024x699)IMG_8768edited (1024x683)IMG_8772edited (1024x683)IMG_8773edited (1024x683)IMG_8776edited (1024x682)IMG_8777edited (1024x683)IMG_8778edited (1024x645)IMG_8780edited (1024x683)IMG_8782edited (1024x683)IMG_8783edited (1024x501)IMG_8803edited (1024x628)IMG_8814edited (1024x683)IMG_8816edited (1024x482)IMG_8817edited (1024x683)IMG_8818edited (1024x659)IMG_8824edited (1024x683)IMG_8871edited (1024x683)


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