Seattle–Stop at Friday Harbor

Charming and quaint, but not a lot to do. That was my impression after our 2 hour stop in Friday Harbor.

Following whale watching we docked in Friday Harbor to pick-up passengers and let the crew have a bit of a rest after a long day. At first glance it’s a cute little town and obviously a popular spot considering the numerous resort style hotels nearby. But, there wasn’t much to do beyond grabbing a bite to eat.

There were few stores along the main stretch and many of the ones I did come across happened to be closed. I’m not sure if it was just too early in the season or if it’s always like that. Two hours is a long time to spend if you don’t have anything to do—for one of the first time in my life I hadn’t brought a book with me.

So after wandering main street for 10 minutes and grabbing some ice cream for a small shop by the water, I headed back toward the boat and the boat dock—let me tell you with lots of rusty things and random knickknacks it was a photographer’s dream. I’m pretty sure the people on the boat with me thought I was crazy, but it provided a great chance to photograph tons of rusty nails and worn wood.

I’ll have to try Friday Harbor another time—perhaps later in the summer—or one of the other San Juan Islands before I decide they’re all boring. One thing is certain though—with view like the ones they have—you can get away with being a little boring.

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