Seattle–Kerry Park and Magical Mt. Rainier

It took me two tries to make it to Kerry Park.

The first one failed because of hills. After walking around much of the day, I decided to walk up through Queen Anne to Kerry Park and witness arguably the best view of the City. Then I hit the hills. Seattle is a city of hills. They’re everywhere. And, I quickly got used to them—or at least pretended to—but the hills in Queen Anne are absurdly steep. I trekked up one at what felt like a complete vertical angle. Stopped at the top and realized I had to do that at least twice more. With bad knees, I was concerned about being able to get back down once I got all the way up, so I tottered down the hill I came and I decide to explore the possibility on another day.

Thanks to the miraculous Seattle bus system, I found one. On my last day, a bus dropped me at the corner of Highland Drive and Queen Anne Avenue. A short, relatively flat walk, led me directly to Kerry Park. As anticipated, as I was told, the views were incredible. The towers of downtown Seattle, complete with the Space Needle in the forefront and the irradiant Mt. Rainier in the background.

If I had missed this I would have sorely missed an incredible piece of tourism.

Perhaps the best part of the view is Mt. Rainier, which is perfectly ethereal. Jutting up, from what seems like nowhere, the mountain practically glows with all the snow on the peak. There were more than a few times on my trip when I’d come across Mt. Rainier in the distance, and if I hadn’t know it was there, would easily have mistaken it for a cloud. Even from Kerry Park where it’s presence practically looms over the City it has a magical quality.

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