Seattle: Views from Queen Anne

Located not very far from Kerry Park, at the end of the same street, is another park offering spectacular views. I happened upon it after some fellow tourists nearby mentioned another viewpoint a few blocks away and I decided that when I was done soaking in the sun and the spectacle where I was I would check-it-out.

It gave me a chance to walk through Queen Anne—a neighbor that pictures and stories had told me was exceptionally beautiful—without huffing and puffing up hill after hill. It’s as sophisticated and charming as you’d expect a neighborhood named Queen Anne to be. Large beautiful homes with carefully manicured lawns. Large trees. The only downside I saw—beyond ever being able to afford a home here—was having to live somewhere where you climbed 20 or more steps from the sidewalk to your front door every day and where your backyard (or front yard) was a steep incline from the other side of the property.

What surprised me the most was the number of newer homes that also lined the streets. While, old historic buildings were everywhere, there were more than a few life-less, emotionless, cold, modern buildings that had been put in place. I can only wonder how they came to be there—demolition of beautiful homes or repurposing of vacant lots, I wish I knew.

At the end of the Highland Drive sits Marshall Park. It doesn’t offer the same views of the city skyline and Mt. Rainier, but it offers brilliant views of Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains. Far less touristy than Kerry Park, I arrived to Marshall Park, in time to sit pleasantly nearby an older man and his dog, reading a newspaper and enjoying a cup of coffee. It gave the spot a sense of “this is where the locals go to relax” and that this is somewhere they stop after a morning walk.

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