Seattle–Secret Garden

During my adventures in Queen Anne I also stumbled upon Parsons Gardens. If it hadn’t been for the small sign indicating it was a public garden, I would have assumed it was part of a private residence. Perfectly secluded by budding trees, Parsons Gardens was perhaps my favorite find in Seattle during my trip.

Only a handful of other visitors wandered in and out while I was there. The lighting was impeccable. The hidden benches and quiet corners peaceful. If I lived in Seattle I would come here regularly to read during the warmer months of the year. Moss was growing on everything and anything, as only moss in the Pacific Northwest seems to be able to do. And again the lighting, the sun was shining in the through the trees in such a soft way that it gave every leaf, flower, and twig a kind of magical quality. I could easily have just spent hours here. It’s a wonder I didn’t photograph every single flake of moss—though I came pretty close.

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