Montreal…And another mural

“And another mural!”

My friend and I weren’t expecting to see so much art in Montreal. We arrived thinking about croissants and French architecture. But, by the end of the trip “And another mural” was basically an inside joke every time we passed more street art. Every other building has a mural or carefully crafted graffiti. Sometimes they look obviously commissioned and other times not—regardless adding character to the neighborhood and the City. Even if it wasn’t a mural you’d stumble upon, sculptures and public spaces clad in creatively artsy styles.

Montreal is a city that loves its art.

IMG_9451 (1280x853)
We say this sculpture overhanging a parklet the day before we left. It looked so cool we decided to find it when we were in Montreal
IMG_9452 (1280x853)
It ended up being about three blocks from where we were staying

IMG_9461 (1280x853)

IMG_9416 (1280x853)
We came across several pop-up parks in the City. This one has outdoor activities, picnic tables and a little library
IMG_9422 (1280x853)
The little library/reading room at the pop-up park just next to McGill

IMG_9423 (1280x853)

IMG_9495 (1280x1015)
Street art along Lachine Canal

IMG_9496 (853x1280)IMG_9492 (1280x734)

IMG_9640 (1280x853)
Sculpture/display at the Botanical Gardens

IMG_9642 (853x1280)

IMG_9373 (1280x853)
Tree house sculpture at a park in Montreal
IMG_9652 (1280x729)
And…another mural

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