Montreal- Markets

Marches (markets) are everywhere in Montreal. Ok, maybe not everywhere, but compared to the States they’re all over the place. Most cities in the US have maybe one large market with fresh goods—sometimes open only once a week. We’re more likely to have a Farmer’s Market than on a Sunday than anything else. Montreal has as many as 15 marches (markets) across the City. We visited two.

The largest Jean Talon in Montreal’s Little Italy, we could have spent a whole day at wandering into the different stalls and shops. There was cheese and pastries and pasta and soap and so many vegetables. Long chains of garlic hanging from stall after stall. Bushels of brussels sprouts and vibrant red peppers. And, people bustling around. Jean Talon had a nice mix of tourists stopping in to check out the Montreal market scene and locals doing their daily shopping.

Marche Atwater near Lachine Canal was a bit smaller but just as wonderful. Again, so many fruits and vegetables and cheeses. It felt a bit more local than Jean Talon, but everything was just as fresh. We bought our lunch here one day—grabbing a pastry each and then some bread and cheese to eat while we wandered.

If I lived in Montreal I think I’d only get my fresh groceries from a Marche.

IMG_9470 (853x1280)IMG_9469 (1280x792)IMG_9468 (1280x787)IMG_9467 (1280x899)IMG_9464 (1280x1023)

*PS I’m unable to add accents to the post, but please note that “Marche” has an accent aigu on the end of the last “e”.


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