Montreal- Botanic Gardens

Ok by now you’re probably tired of hearing about Montreal—and I promise there are only a couple more posts worth of material to get through. First up: The Montreal Botanical Gardens!

Who knew that one of the largest botanical gardens in the world is in Montreal. Not I. We spent much of our last drizzly day traipsing around the gardens looking at a multitude of plants and trees. The garden boasts a large Asian collection—a Chinese and Japanese garden, with numerous Bonsai trees (some over 100 years old!). As well as, an arboretum full of trees. The acres upon acres of plants was well worth admission.

Honestly with plants pictures are worth more than words–so I’ll shut-up and let you take a peek at some of the highlights.

IMG_9648 (1280x853)IMG_9645 (1280x853)IMG_9644 (1280x853)IMG_9639 (853x1280)IMG_9636 (1280x853)IMG_9635 (1280x853)IMG_9634 (1280x853)IMG_9630 (1280x853)IMG_9627 (1280x853)IMG_9626 (853x1280)IMG_9625 (1280x853)IMG_9624 (1280x853)IMG_9622 (1280x853)IMG_9621 (1280x853)IMG_9619 (1280x853)IMG_9618 (1280x853)IMG_9613 (1280x853)IMG_9612 (1280x770)IMG_9609 (1280x853)IMG_9607 (1280x853)

IMG_9602 (1280x853)


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